Debra Williamsshe/her

Director, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Debra Williams has implemented transformation projects and interventions for over 25 years as a performance strategist and empowerment coach. She specializes in leadership mentoring, process design, modernizing procedures, and leading teams of subject matter experts for measurable results. Her involvement with equity-seeking groups began in the environmental conservation field, where she focused on watershed protection of land designated for new construction in environmentally sensitive areas inhabited by underrepresented populations.

A certified auditor, fraud examiner, and cognitive-behavioural techniques practitioner, Debra applies established methods and designs the right approach to support specific projects and outcomes. She was drawn by the opportunity to work in an organization committed to serving mental health needs in a diverse, underserved community. Throughout her career, Debra has worked in public service agencies that focus on improving clients’ lives through programs designed to achieve equitable outcomes.