Autism Foundational Family Services

Foundational Family Services is a part of the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) designed to support families of children and youth on the autism spectrum with a range of services.



Autism Services


Under 18 years


Free - Funded by the OAP


No referral required


All families registered in the OAP

Languages offered:



Various Scarborough locations


Hours vary by program

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Program focus: Autism, Developmental Disability

Foundational Family Services is a part of the new needs-based Ontario Autism Program (OAP) designed to provide families and caregivers a range of evidence-based services to support their child and youth’s learning and development. Foundational Family Services will be individualized and responsive to families’ changing needs over time.

All families registered in the OAP are eligible to receive these services and supports at no cost. Strides Toronto is pleased to be offering Foundational Family Services in a variety of formats including virtual, and in-person services. You can choose to access these services at any point based on your family’s needs. There are no limits to the number of times you can register for these services.

We offer a wide range of Foundational Family Services. Coaching is integrated into our various services to support parents and caregivers to implement the recommended strategies and transfer skills.

These services and supports may include:

Workshops and Coaching Sessions
We offer a variety of virtual education opportunities on a wide range of topics. Workshops will be delivered online either through video links or through our Zoom Healthcare video conferencing platform.

Brief Targeted Consultation
This brief service includes parent/caregiver coaching and strategies using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) principles to address your child/youth’s individual strengths, needs, and goals. Consultations will be offered by phone or by video through our secure Zoom Healthcare platform to help address a specific goal.

Transition Supports
We provide supports and services to promote a smooth transition into the school system and the broader community.

Family Resource and Clinic Days
We have an established parent education curriculum, including training packages to support social communication and behaviour management. Strides Toronto encourages active parent and caregiver engagement and participation to better support your child/youth’s needs.

For more information about Strides Toronto’s Foundational Family Services, please contact 416-438-3697 ext. 19055 or email

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