Autism Services

We offer Free OAP and fee-based autism services for children and youth with autism spectrum disorder. Our services are flexible and responsive to individual needs.



Autism Services


Under 18 years


Fees vary by program. Many programs are free funded by the OAP. Contact us for more details


No referral required


Having a diagnosis of autism
*Eligibility criteria vary by program

Languages offered:



Various Scarborough locations


Hours vary by program

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Program focus: Autism, Developmental Disability

Strides Toronto has been providing evidence-based interventions for children and youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) for nearly 20 years. As a trusted agency in Toronto, a high degree of interprofessional partnership is in place to support information sharing and collaboration among services and the community. We are proud of the high-quality, evidence-based services our staff provide to children and youth with ASD and their families. Our service offerings are flexible and consider individual needs. Individualized intake assessments are completed to help determine a plan for service. Behavioural interventions and family services are integrated and coordinated with other services (e.g., speech and language therapy, mental health) which a child or youth and their family may be receiving. The wide range of services available to children, youth and their families are frequently evaluated and monitored to be flexible and responsive to changing evidence and practice.

Family-centred care is the fundamental basis of service delivery within Strides Toronto’s Autism Services. This approach values parents and caregivers as experts on their child and as key decision makers in their child’s interventions. It also recognizes their lifelong commitment to their child’s learning and wellness.

We offer a variety of in-person and virtual services (VS) and resources to support families. Our VS are offered by phone or by video through our secure Zoom Healthcare platform.

Strides Toronto offers Free Ministry Funded OAP Services:
Foundational Family Services
Entry to School
Urgent Response Services

Strides Toronto offers fee-based Core Clinical Services.

For more information about Strides Toronto’s Autism Services, please contact us at 416-438-3697, ext. 19055 or email

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Autism Core Clinical Services

We offer fee-based Core Clinical Services for children and youth with autism spectrum disorder. Our services are flexible and responsive to individual needs.

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Urgent Response Service

Rapid and personalized care to support children with autism to keep themselves from harm as well as their loved ones.

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