Preschool Speech and Language Program

The Preschool Speech and Language Program at Strides Toronto provides support to preschool children in need of speech and language services.


Infant and Child, Preschool


0 – 4 years




All referrals are welcome, including self-referrals
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If you live in Toronto, you can refer your child until May 31 of the year they are eligible to start Junior Kindergarten.

Languages offered:

English, French, Tamil, Urdu *Interpreters available upon request for all other languages


325 Milner Avenue, Suite 110, Scarborough
*See full program description for satellite locations


Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM
*Limited services available on Saturdays and Weekdays, between 8 AM – 9 AM and 5 PM – 6 PM

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Program focus: Autism, Child Development, Communication Skills, Developmental Disability, Speech and Language

One in ten children need extra help developing speech and language skills. Without help, it may be harder for these children to listen, talk, read, and play with others. Strides Preschool Speech and Language Program (PSL) supports children living in the east area of Toronto achieve their optimal communication development.

Strides PSL offers the following services to children from birth until they are eligible to start full-day kindergarten: assessment, consultation to parents, community-based children’s programs, and other professionals, parent training and information sessions; group and individual speech and language intervention, and referral to a wide range of child and family services in the community.

Service duration
The type and duration of service provided are determined based on the child’s level of communication functioning and caregivers’ preferences for service plan options. Services may range from consultation every few months to participation in weekly therapy sessions that typically are offered once a week for approximately six weeks.

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Satellite Locations

BGC East Scarborough
100 Galloway Road
Scarborough, ON M1E 1W7

Dorset Park Community Hub
1911 Kennedy Road, Suite 105
Toronto, ON M1P 2I9

Malvern Family Resource Centre
90 Littles Road
Scarborough, ON M1B 5E2

Rosalie Hall
3020 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough ON M1P 2T7

Strides Toronto
120 Middlefield Road
Scarborough, ON M1S 4M6

West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre
2555 Eglinton Ave East
Scarborough, ON M1K 5J1

Referral Details

Parents/caregivers, childcare providers, and/or other professionals involved in child’s care can refer the child to the program with parent/caregiver consent.

Referrals can be made online or by calling 1-833-575-5437.

The Preschool Speech and Language Program at Strides Toronto is part of a community partnership led by Surrey Place Centre, in collaboration with The Hanen Centre, Lumenus Community Services, Macaulay Child Development Centre and George Hull Family and Child Centre.

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