Providing Feedback

Strides Toronto is committed to offering our clients and their families the best service possible. Your thoughts and suggestions are important to us. We encourage you to comment on our performance at any time, even if you have a complaint.

If you have a positive comment

We always welcome your compliments! If you have positive feedback to provide about Strides Toronto, please send it to Please note that we may share your comments in Strides Toronto’s publications and marketing, such as our annual report or program brochures. If we do so, we will ask your permission first.

If you have a complaint/concern

To share your service complaint or concern(s), please start by talking to your support worker. Doing this will most likely address the issue immediately. If it does not, you can ask to escalate your concern to your support worker’s supervisor. If your issue has not been adequately addressed at this level, continue to escalate it to their manager, then their director, and then to the Executive Director. Finally, if your issue is still not adequately addressed, contact the Board of Directors.