Youth Wellness Hubs

Strides Toronto is a proud partner of Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario (YWHO) and operates the Scarborough Youth Wellness Hub and the Toronto East Youth Wellness Hub.

At the Hubs, we provide high-quality integrated youth services to support the well-being of young people aged 12 to 25, including mental health and substance use supports, primary health care, community and social supports, and more.

Our Services

We provide youth aged 12 – 25 with a range of services to address needs related to mental health, substance use, primary care, education, employment, housing, and other social services. We aim to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where youth can access support, connect with peers, and engage in activities that promote wellness.

When you first get connected to our Youth Wellness Hub, we will help you identify which service is the best fit for your needs.

Care Navigation

Care navigators will work with you to set and achieve goals in areas such as health, mental health, employment, education, housing, and more. They will also help you to navigate social service and healthcare systems to find the best options for you.


Therapists are available to help you explore your emotions, gain insights into your behaviours and thoughts and provide helpful strategies that you can implement in your daily life. Whether you want to talk about anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationships, coping with trauma or managing stress, our counsellors will listen and support you in enhancing your emotional well-being.

Peer Support

Peer support workers provide support, guidance and understanding through their shared experience of navigating mental health services. Peer support is offered in both individual and group settings.

Harm Reduction Counselling

If you need support reducing harm and improving well-being in relation to substance use, counsellors are available to provide you with guidance and tools to help you navigate through life while making safer and informed decisions.

Nurse Practitioner

Our Nurse Practitioner provides primary care and transitional clinical care related to physical, mental and sexual health. They can support you with clarifying a diagnosis, creating treatment plans, prescribing and managing medication and making referrals to specialized health services.

Youth Engagement Services

Recreational youth friendly spaces to spend time after school, connect with friends…etc.

Health Promotion and Wellness events focused on physical and mental wellbeing

Special events and celebrations, such as Back to School events, Halloween, Holiday Celebrations…much more!

Our Locations

Scarborough Youth Wellness Hub

1200 Markham, Suite 313, Scarborough
Phone: 416-346-4516

Toronto East Youth Wellness Hub

815 Danforth Ave, 3rd Floor, Toronto
(Co-located with WoodGreen Community Services’ Youth Wellness Centre)
Phone: 647-382-4153

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